Bathtub Billy's Daily Specials

Monday is $5.99 Day....ALL DAY .....All NIGHT till 11:00pm !!!!!
That's's just $5.99 for ANYTHING on the menu when your order a beverage. NY Strip just $7.99! Party food excluded of course. Dine-In only

Tuesday is $5.99 Day......ALL DAY....ALL Night till 11:00pm!!
Just like Monday...$5.99 for anything on the menu when you order a beverage at regular price. One special per customer. Same restrictions as Monday.

Friday Night Fish Fry
Fish Fry • Fish Sandwich • Broiled Haddock

Saturday is PRIME RIB Night at The Tub!!
Enjoy our mouth watering 10 oz. Prime Rib with au jus. Served with mashed potatoes and salad for get this.......JUST $9.99 !!!